SEO, Content Creation, and Web Development Services

Get Your Site to the Top of Searches with Our Proven SEO Strategies

Competition is fierce, which is why we work hard to make sure you stay on top.

When we work together, we’re on your team and our goal is to win. We’ll help you become a dominant force in search results for the keywords that convert. The most effective way to drive relevant traffic to your site and generate sales is through natural search engine placement. Let’s face it, few internet users click beyond the first page of Google, and when was the last time you clicked on a sponsored link? Our SEO services align your website with cross-engine standards of search to place your site where it should be – right at the top.

Search Engine Optimization

In addition to the usual suspects of SEO, our firm particularly shines with our expertise in the following three areas:

Keyword Research

It’s easy to think of a few keywords to put on your site – and we’ll take it from there. Utilizing the keyword research tools at our disposal, we’ll find out what people are actually typing into the search engines when looking for your site, and make sure you’re optimized for them.

Content Writing

How will the search engines know what you sell if your keywords aren’t in the content on your pages? You’ve heard of the phrase, “content is king,” and at Short Grain Media, we create content royalty. Articulate, well-manicured text to impress the search engines and your users.

Link Development

Search engines place a lot of weight on quality links coming back to your site. We’ll need well respected sites related to yours linking back to you. Short Grain Media has the tools, connections and suggestions you’ll want when you start your linkbuilding efforts.

Content Creation

Short Grain Media places a specific emphasis on quality content for all of our projects. Our writing is 100% original, well-organized, properly keyworded, and grammatically correct. We provide quality optimized content for websites designed to increase placement in organic searches.

Website Development

Whether you need a new design or a new programmer to update your site behind the scenes, you can trust the decades of collective experience of our web development team.